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You might think he is going fast but you should see her make it go!

Thanks for visiting with us, and giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Our names are Vlad and Joy. Our home is located among the beautiful rolling hills of West Tennessee. Here we enjoy all the great freedoms of a country setting.

Since joining in marriage in 2003, our good LORD has enriched our lives in ways innumerable. Everyday, we are amazed at God’s purposes in marriage. We are learning so much of how God works in men’s hearts desiring to accomplish His will, and fulfill all our dreams. He truly is just and merciful in all His ways. We are most grateful for the blood of Jesus because through it we have peace with God.

We all desire this peace and a place in heaven but know that we are, at the very least, short of being perfect. Our conscience, testifying to our guilt, condemns us and leaves us without hope. After all, we all know that God being holy and righteous cannot allow us to dwell with Him.

Our only hope in this life, and the life to come is faith in the fact that Jesus Christ has taken unto Himself the sins of all who believe in His blood. Only Christ is willing and able to make peace between us (less than perfect) and God (perfect). The written Word of God and nature testify to all this as truth.

Oh, we have also been blessed in our son Boaz and our daughter Jasmine. We find children to be a great excuse to enjoy life, as it keeps us young to be among them. Life is simply much more enjoyable in the presence of well-trained children. We hope for more, and that sooner rather than later, as neither one of us is getting any younger.

While on the subject of children and enjoying life, below you have grownups enjoying life as a child…

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Hey, the tire was there, the hillside was there, and the pond was there. Our friends decided to come over one day, and put them all to good use. Come for a visit and we'll take you rolling too. You'll love it!

Patrick takes off from our front field after one of his visits. We have known him since before he became a pilot, years ago. Flying was just a dream. He pursued his dreams, and now has many certifications, is licensed as an airplane mechanic, and has an ever increasing number of hours. At present, Pat operates AirSign.com, an airplane banner towing company.

There are a number of caves in this area. Here is one of them, and what you will look like when you come out, if you had a great time.

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