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Wheat berries, Hard White Spring

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Product Description

This is Prairie Gold® hard white Spring wheat, the wheat that started a revolution in bread baking. Since we first started selling Prairie Gold® in 1988, thousands of home, specialty and commercial bakers have discovered the unique characteristics of this grain. Its naturally golden color makes 100% whole-wheat baked foods that are lighter and sweeter. It is excellent in all bread recipes, cookies, piecrusts and more. Chemical Free. GMO Free.

What is the difference between the “Organic Certification” and Wheat Montana's “Chemical Free Status”?

Wheat Montana’s products are not “certified organic”, however grains grown on our farm are “chemical/pesticide free” proven via an independent lab test for 125 different Herbicides, Organochlorine, and Organophosphorus Pesticides, as well as Semi-volatile organics. Organic farming procedures benefit both the consumer and the environment. Wheat Montana Farms believes in the value of organic farming but we take our process one step further and subject our products to a final chemical analysis to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want, clean, fresh, wholesome, chemical free, grains! In order for us to produce “certified organic” wheat berries, Wheat Montana Farms must use “natural fertilizer or manure” (cow, sheep, chicken, etc). Since our products go directly from the field to the table with no irradiation or pasteurization, we are concerned about the possibility of cross contamination from virulent bacteria. We do not, at this current time, use animal manure in order to eliminate any possibility of cross contamination for our customers. WE DO NOT USE G.M.O. (GENETICALLY MODIFIED) VARIETIES OF ANY KIND. NO G.M.O.!!

What is the shelf life this wheat?
If you store the grains in a plastic pail with an oxygen absorber in a temperature stable environment, the wheat should last six to eight years, perhaps longer.

What is the protein and moisture content of this wheat?
The moisture content of our Prairie Gold and Bronze Chief Wheat is no higher than 10%, perfect for baking and storing. The protein of our Prairie Gold and Bronze Chief Wheat measures between 14.5 and 15.5%, depending on the growing season.

What is the difference between “Bronze Chief” (Hard Red Spring Wheat) and Prairie Gold ?
Nutritionally both the Hard Red Spring, Hard White Spring, and Hard Red Winter varieties that we grow are the same (15-16% protein and 9-10% moisture). Basically the difference is in the end product: Bread made with Hard Red Wheat is darker and denser (more of a brown traditional look). Items made with Hard White Wheat “look a little more like white bread”. They bake up a beautiful golden color and do not possess the stronger taste associated with the traditional whole wheat breads.

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Product Reviews

  1. I posted a comment for the red wheat berries, but I just had to comment here, too.

    Posted by Kathy Gent on 20th Feb 2014

    I originally was satisfied with the red wheat I bought at my local co-op, but when I began to hear about the famous Wheat Montana Prairie Gold white wheat I just had to try some. My co-op here in Maine couldn't afford the shipping, so I got on-line and started looking. I'm so glad I found More Than Alive. This was a few years ago, and I've been ordering from you since (and not just wheat, either). At first I just tried the white wheat, but the next order was for both white and red. Cuz let's face it, your quality left my co-op in the dust. The wheat berries are perfect, the packaging is perfect, and you even put a little more than a pound in each bag. So what if it costs me a little more, it's well worth it. As for the difference between the red and the white - I like them both. They both make delicious, high-rising bread. I use half red and half white for a sandwich loaf my 10-yr old granddaughter loves. I love my caraway rye bread made with 1/3 rye and 2/3 red, and I make soft and fluffy yeast rolls with just the white. More Than Alive, thanks so much for selling these wonderful Wheat Montana wheat berries at a price I can afford. God bless you.


    Posted by Kathleen Gent on 23rd Oct 2013

    You can read my review above and see how much I love these wheat berries. I just received another order and I'm pleased to say they're still perfect! I got 15 heavy-duty l-lb zip-lock bags and each bag had at least 17 ounces. I ordered 15 lbs and the total received was 16 lbs! How generous! I can't see any impurities at all and the berries look just like the photo. As far as I'm concerned IT'S ALL GOOD. Thank you More Than Alive, Kathleen Gent

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