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Travel Berkey

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Product Description

  • Can be purchased with 2 Black Berkey purifying elements OR Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filtration Elements
  • Filters 2.75 gallons per hour using the 2 Black Berkey purifying elements
  • Storage capacity is 1.5 gallons of purified water
  • 18 in. tall and 7.5 in. wide
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For more information on the Travel Berkey and other Berkey products, please visit the FAQ Page.

Berkey Systems Capacity Comparison

  Holds Flow per Hour
Go Berkey 1 quart 1 Element = 1 gal
Travel Berkey 1.5 gal 2 Elements = 2.75 gal
Big Berkey 2.25 gal 2 Elements = 3.5 gal / 4 Elements = 7 gal
Berkey Light 2.75 gal 2 Elements = 4.25 gal / 4 Elements = 8 gal
Royal Berkey 3.25 gal 2 Elements = 4 gal / 4 Elements = 8 gal
Imperial Berkey 4.5 gal 2 Elements = 5.5 gal / 6 Elements = 16.5 gal
Crown Berkey 6 gal 2 Elements = 6.5 gal / 8 Elements = 26 gal

Hydration through daily consumption of water has been scientifically established to have a progressive effect on an individual’s complete health. However, consuming unclean water directly from the faucet could mean bombarding your liver and kidneys with a lot of toxins that will inevitably endanger your well-being. Even bottled water is notorious as city water disguised with an expensive brand name.

A lot of precautions must be taken before people are allowed to consuming water. With poisonous elements (such as mercury and led) and pollutants (such as deadly bacteria, parasites, viruses and cysts) contaminating drinking water, cities and communities have taken drastic efforts to protect their citizens. However, these efforts have born little success. Even filtered water contains extreme levels of fluoride and chlorine, which based on the vast amounts of current research about these chemicals, could be even deadlier. In the end, you are only forced to choose the lesser evil.

To rub more salt to the wound, communities and cities all over the United States are now discovering extraordinary levels of chemicals and even pharmaceutical in their drinking water. Organic solvents, pesticides, herbicides, MTBE, VOCs, trihalomenthanes and radon 222 are just few of the pollutants that are commonly found in water and the number of these poisons just keeps on increasing.

The driving factor of Big Berkey's is the quality of drinking water they produce since it has the ability to eliminate all the pollutants previously mentioned and even more. One particular benefit is their portability, having a need for neither electricity nor water pressure. The parts are very easy to clean and are durable enough to last for years. The best thing about Royal Berkey’s, which other filtering systems can’t do, is its capability to filter water from ponds, lakes and even the swimming pool. Berkey’s provide water of the highest quality no matter its source.

It’s been 14 years since our family used and even sold Berkey’s, and we just absolutely love them. So if you’re interested, you can contact us through phone call or e-mail and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the product with you in detail. If you need more evidence, read through the FAQ page and study the reviews to provide you more insight about filters.

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Product Reviews

  1. best filtration system I've had

    Posted by christy on 18th May 2014

    I love that I don't have to worry about water, that the filter upgrade removes fluoride and this size is perfect for myself, my 3 dogs and any visitors. Filters fairly quickly so never a problem with running out. Great Buy!!!

  2. It was worth every penny I spent on it.

    Posted by Kathleen Gent on 14th Jan 2014

    I bought my Travel Berkey from you in early 2010. I absolutely love it and I'm so thankful that I made the investment. My city water stinks of chlorine, but it smells and tastes so pure and clean after it's filtered. Since I got the Berkey, my young granddaughter has grown to love water. Other than fresh raw goat milk (which we get from a friend), it's all she drinks, and she drinks plenty of it, too. I have a system to provide water for 2 households (mine, and my daughter's). I use the empty jugs from organic raw cows milk to transport and store the water. The jugs are food grade and easy to keep clean, and we use the water so fast it never stays in the jugs very long anyway. I'm not concerned about not being able to see the water level in my (beautiful) stainless steel filter because I draw out a jug of water and then pour in a jug of water. I never draw out water without replacing the exact amount. I have plenty of half-gallon jugs that I keep full and in circulation all the time, most with filtered water and some with water waiting to be filtered. I just pay attention, and we never run out of water. We use filtered water for drinking and all of our cooking. I'm especially proud of my kombucha - I make 3 quarts every 10 days, and this great water makes excellent kombucha and big healthy SCOBY's, too. The pure water also makes wonderful beet kvass, rye rejuvelac, sauerkraut, brown rice, and all kinds of dried bean soups. I do believe filtered water has made a big improvement in what we eat and drink, and in our health. I would never want to be without my Berkey!

  3. Nathan, I agree that the water from this tastes great.

    Posted by Laura on 1st Nov 2013

    I hate drinking water at other people's homes that do not have any kind of filter in place, and having an awful after taste. I also hate it when you use ice and it ends up flavoring your drink; very disgusting. My neighbor has this and I am placing an order for mine asap!

  4. Superb quality

    Posted by Nathan on 14th Oct 2013

    I am very please with the taste or should I say lack of taste in the filtered water. I use this unit for all of my drinking and cooking water. If water quality is a concern of yours the this unit or one of its bigger brothers is what you should get.

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