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Rooibos Tea - cut, Organic

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Product Description

Red Rooibos (pronounced "roy-boss") is comparable to green tea in the amounts of polyphenols it contains. It is totally pure and natural and tastes divine! It shows anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral activity. The properties in Rooibos even attack free radicals (toxic compounds which attack our healthy cells) in our body and limit their damaging effects, thus helping delay aging.

Rooibos is also known to relieve stomach ulcers, nausea, constipation, and heartburn. For those with sleeping disorders, Rooibos can help with insomnia, disturbed sleeping patterns and headaches. It contains no caffeine and has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system. It contains no oxalic acid and can therefore be enjoyed by persons suffering from kidney stones.
For infants, Rooibos can help pacify colic, stomach cramps, and sleeping problems. You can mix it with some breast milk, or just give it to them straight without any sweetener. And, with its nutritional content, it makes a great tea for pregnant or nursing mothers.

There are so many minerals in the tea, that it can almost be considered a nutritional supplement:

  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Fluoride
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Alpha-hydroxy (great for the skin)
  • Magnesium

The manganese, calcium, and fluoride content helps give you strong bones and teeth while the zinc contributes to healthy, smooth skin. For that reason, apply Rooibos tea to skin irritations like itchy skin, eczema, sunburn, diaper rash and acne for effective relief. The magnesium is essential for a healthy nervous system and the potassium and copper are necessary for several metabolic functions. Rooibos even increases the absorption of iron in the body, unlike many herbal teas because of their tannin content.

Many have used Rooibos to relax the body and get rid of nervous tension and mild depression. For those trying to lose weight, Rooibos helps to control your appetite. Plus, it makes a great thirst-quencher and sport drink. Because of its mineral content, it restores the body's equilibrium after strenuous exercise, and boosts the immune system.

Try adding Rooibos tea to your cooking and baking. It can replace the liquid content in recipes for soups, marinades, sauces, stews and cakes for added flavor and nutrition.

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Product Reviews

  1. Delish!!!!!!!

    Posted by Ribin on 14th Oct 2013

    Super yummy super good for you. I mix w stevia leaf dandilion Passion flower lemongrass steep drink at night taste great and makes me sleep very sound (;

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