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Red Clover blossoms, Organic - whole

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Product Description


Excerpts from the book Practical Herbalism

In 1896, King said that, “Red Clover is an excellent alterative, and one of the few remedies which favorably influences pertussis. In earlier editions of this work it was stated that a ‘strong infusion of the plant is said to afford prompt relief in whooping cough, suspending the spasmodic cough entirely in 2 or 3 days; it is to be given in 1/2 fluid ounce, every 1 or 2 hours, throughout the day.’ Since then the remedy has come into extensive use, but the statement should be modified, as it does not reach all classes of cases. When the proper case is found it acts promptly, but as yet the specific indications in this complaint have not been discovered. It is also a remedy in other spasmodic coughs, as those of measles, bronchitis, laryngitis, phthisis, etc. It is an excellent internal agent for those individuals disposed to tibial and other forms of ulcers, and it unquestionably retards the growth of carcinomata, and may be freely administered to those of a cancerous diathesis. The extract, spread on linen or soft leather, has long been said to be an excellent remedy for cancerous ulcers. This assertion, however, has not been so well verified as its action in retarding the growths when administered internally for a prolonged period. It is also highly recommended in ill-conditioned ulcers of every kind, and deep, ragged-edged, and otherwise badly-conditioned burns. It possesses a peculiar soothing property, proves an efficient detergent, and promotes a healthful granulation.”

After another quarter century of experience with the herb, the Eclectic Materia Medica of 1922 recommended it for the specific indications of, “irritability of the respiratory passages, with dry, explosive cough; carcinomatous cachexia,” and gave the following information:
“Trifolium is alterative and anti-spasmodic. It relieves irritability of the respiratory tract, alleviating dry, irritable and spasmodic cough. Whopping cough is especially moderated by it, and it is frequently effective in lessening the distressing cough of measles. It also modifies cough in bronchitis and laryngitis. Its alterative powers are underrated, and it should be given where a general deobstruent effect is desired in chronic skin diseases, and unquestionably has a retarding effect upon malignant neoplasms.”

Red Clover’s prestige in the alternative health community in the last few decades has been based partly on its use as an anti-cancer agent. It is an ingredient in every famous cancer formula, including such as Jason Winter’s Tea, the Hoxsey Cancer Formula, Essiac Tea, and Christopher's Anti-Cancer Remedy (Red Clover Blend). More recently, it has become the hot topic because of the potential estrogenic effects of its isoflavone content. The jury is still out on that one, but most of its more traditional uses seem well justified.

Indicated Usages - Internal: 

  • Acne
  • Asthma
  • Blood alkalizer
  • Blood cleanser (esp. heavy metals)
  • Blood thinner
  • Cancer
  • Cradle cap
  • Eczema, psoriasis
  • PMS, Menopausal issues
  • Prostrate problems
  • Purulent ulcers
  • Whooping cough

Indicated Usages - External:

  • Abscesses, ulcers, boils
  • Cancer
  • Tumors, scrofular swelling

Excerpts from the book Nutritional Herbology

It is often compared to alfalfa both for its nutritional value and appearance. The flowers are used in folk medicine as a cure for any lump or tumor. They are reported to have diuretic, expectorant, antispasmodic and estrogenic properties.

Red clover is a blood purifier that increases the body’s production of urine and mucous and promotes menstrual flow. It is most often combined with chaparral as a folk remedy for cancer.

Red clover has been used to treat cancer, rheumatism, jaundice, inflammatory skin conditions, spasmodic dysmenorrhea and bronchitis.

Contain bitter compounds that increase the production of digestive fluids and enzymes, especially bile. These compounds also shrink inflammation and relieve pains. Red clover is an excellent herbal source of calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. It has been used to treat arthritis, jaundice, liver congestion, muscle cramps, and inflammatory skin conditions.

Red Clover is high or very high on the following nutrients:

  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Magnesium
  • Niacin
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Thiamine

Excerpts from the book The How to Herb Book

  • Relaxes nerves and the entire system. Can be used as a sedative.
  • Has been used to fight cancer. Found in herbal combinations used for cancer.
  • Wash for sores.
  • Good for a preventative of health problems.
  • Can be drunk freely.

Has been used in the following:

  • Acne
  • Blood purifier
  • Boils
  • Cancer
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin
  • Wash sores

Tid Bits You'll Want to Know:

Cautions: Red Clover has some blood clotting properties. Therefore, you may want to avoid using it while taking blood thinning agents for conditions such as lupus. It should also be avoided during pregnancy.

Uses: It's mostly used for internal applications: teas, tinctures, capsules, food recipes, etc. Our two favorite uses are in teas and meals. It has a rather mild flavor so you hardly know it's there. Like many other bulk herbs, we add it to many dishes (salads, meat dishes, soups, stews, etc.) in small amounts for added nutrition and fiber without affecting the flavor. Red Clover can be used to benefit men, women (including before OR after pregnancy but not during. It is safe while nursing) and children. It can be used as often as you would like.

Storage: The nutrients in Red Clover are very sensitive to air and light exposure. It should be kept in an airtight container and stored in a dark, dry, and cool place. Refrigeration or freezing is great but not necessary.

Questions?: Check out Frequently Asked Questions.

Customer Reviews

January 9, 2012 at 4:20 pm

I purchased this for my parents, and when it arrived, decided to utilize some myself. After drinking my very first cup, I was extremely amazed at the calming effect (only to read on this site) "It possesses a peculiar soothing property" :-)

Well, I now take a cup first thing in the morning, and just before going to bed - it's really worked wonders.


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Product Reviews

  1. Great quality

    Posted by Laurie on 27th May 2013

    I brew a red clover blossom infusion to help with hormone issues of hot flashes and mood swings. I feel this infusion helps me a lot and have at least 1 cup a day. It smells incredible in the bag. A squeeze of lemon and a little stevia in the tea makes my day start wonderful.

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