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Real Salt, Redmond

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Product Description

As its name implies, Redmond RealSalt® is-well, real salt. "Real salt, as opposed to what?" Very simply, RealSalt® as opposed to the so-called "salt" most people unsuspectingly use. It may surprise many people, but in its natural form, salt is not sparkly white or free flowing. Actually, the "table salt" and many sea salts most people are familiar with have been bleached, refined, and mixed with anti-caking agents and iodine. Many so-called "table salts" also contain sugar, in the form of dextrose-meant to cover or disguise an otherwise harsh and bitter flavor. In fact, a quick glance at the ingredients label on most "table salt" products might surprise you! In addition to sodium chloride, you'll probably find calcium silicate or sodium silicoaluminate, dextrose, and potassium iodide.

By contrast, Redmond RealSalt® is real salt-unrefined and natural-free from any additives or chemicals of any kind.

What are the Colored Specks in RealSalt?

RealSalt's unique "pinkish" appearance and flecks of color come from more than 50 natural trace minerals, including iodine. By contrast, other so-called "table salts" are white because of bleaching and refining.

Does RealSalt Come From Utah's Great Salt Lake?

No! RealSalt® does NOT come from Utah's Great Salt Lake. RealSalt® comes from an ancient salt deposit near the small town of Redmond, Utah, more than 150 miles south of the Great Salt Lake.

Is RealSalt Sea Salt?

Yes! During the earth's dinosaur era, a sea covered much of what is now North America. Over time the water in this sea evaporated, leaving the salt in a vast deposit in central Utah. A range of volcanoes erupted around the ancient seabed, sealing the salt and trace minerals from modern pollutants.

Is RealSalt® Different Than Other Sea Salts?

Absolutely! And 35,000 chefs agree! In a professional taste test of top gourmet natural salts, RealSalt® was deemed the Best of Show and Gold Medal winner by professional chefs of the American Tasting Institute. However, don't just take our word for it. We encourage you to experience the RealSalt® difference yourself!

Take the RealSalt® taste test...First taste RealSalt®, then try any other salt. The difference will amaze you!

What are the Health Benefits of Salt?

"[S]odium is crucial for maintaining the health of every cell in the human system. It permeates the fluid between cells (often called the ‘extracellular fluid') and potassium exists mainly on the inside of the cells (in the ‘intracellular fluid')...If either of these minerals is deficient or in excess, cell permeability becomes compromised and the health of all the cells suffers.

Besides being a component of extracellular fluid that bathes every living cell, sodium is important in two other ‘salty oceans' in the body-our blood and our lymphatic fluid. It is also necessary for the production of hydrochloric acid, the digestive enzyme secreted by the stomach in order to digest protein. Along with potassium, sodium is required for the proper functioning of our nerves and the contraction of our muscles...

With the many crucial roles sodium plays, it's clear that if we had no sodium, we would cease to exist." ²

Gittleman also notes that "[R]educing sodium too much can be just as harmful as consuming large amounts of it. Too little can cause spasms, poor heart rhythms, sudden death and even increase the risk of heart attack in hypertensive patients."

Customer Reviews

November 30, 2011 at 11:58 pm
This is the salt I use in recipes, where the salt gets mixed in. I like knowing I'm using a salt full of goodness.I know this is tasty because I caught my 7 yr old eating this salt (taking pinches of salt & dropping it in her mouth) she has never done that with my other plain white salt. I asked her what it tasted like and she replied, 'sugar'. I tried it & I wouldn't say it tastes like sugar but maybe I got a bigger pinch of salt.It does not smell like iodized salt. It doesn't quite smell like white sugar. Don't worry, it is NOT fragrant. The smell is not something I notice, when using it, I have to make a point to smell it...which I did for this review.

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Product Reviews

  1. wonderful

    Posted by jenny u on 18th Apr 2014

    Love this salt! Tastes grat & I love that its great for me:)

  2. extra minerals and great taste

    Posted by erin meschke on 4th Apr 2014

    once we switched to redmond real salt we will never go back. great flavor, more minerals, good sodium, and no added yuckies make this choice a no-brainer.

  3. I love it.

    Posted by donnatk on 28th Feb 2014

    I just purchased this and it delicious I'm using less with more flavor!

  4. Thank you.

    Posted by Frances S. Adams on 30th Jan 2014

    I just learned about Ormus water and I use realsalt in it, naturally, I have used realsalt for the last 13 years and loved it for my cells sake but never as much as now.

  5. Redmond Real Salt

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2013

    This is a great tasting salt. I am glad to use a salt that is good for you since it is used on all the food we consume!

  6. This is all I'll ever use from here on out.

    Posted by SB on 16th Oct 2013

    You will taste a difference in your food using this salt. I just ordered more.

  7. Excellent salt!

    Posted by Nancy on 15th Oct 2013

    I tried this salt hoping for the best, and that I got! Was happy to find no bite, I use less than with regular salt and the food tastes better. It's a keeper!

  8. Real Salt, Redmond

    Posted by Kimra on 13th May 2013

    My friend gave me some of this salt and now I am hooked! I buy it for myself now. It just tastes a lot better than 'store bought' salt.

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