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Orange Essential Oil

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Product Description

1 fl. oz. of 100% Pure & Natural citrus sinens Aromatheraeutic GC/IR Verified.

With its distinct citrus aroma, Orange Oil has universal appeal. Beeyoutiful Orange Oil is cold-pressed. It mixes well with many essential oils, plus softens and warms up the blend. It also has a variety of therapeutic uses and has been used historically to relax the mind and to help encourage good circulation. It is user-friendly in nature, and inexpensive to keep on hand.

On a crowded bus, in a classroom, at a busy office…no matter where you are, when an orange is peeled, the sweet, tangy scent of the oil released into the air seems to travel extraordinary lengths, piquing the senses of all within asking distance who desire, “Can I have a slice?”

Orange essential oil, cold pressed from the peel of the orange, is a delight both to smell and to use.  It mixes well with multiple essential oils and has a variety of easy applications.


Cleaning: Part of the power of Orange Essential Oil comes from D-Limonene – a constituent of the oil -- which works as a mild solvent.  This makes for an excellent, natural grease-cutter and cleanser in homemade cleaning recipes.   


Got termites?  These guys have effectively been cleared out of houses using Orange Essential Oil.  Again, the D-Limonene is the star of this show, killing termites by causing exoskeleton damage.  And the additional benefits:  No one has to leave the house! Orange oil has no toxic fumes or residues to worry about.


Not only does D-limonene in orange oil kill some insects, but it repels others.   A homemade pesticide to spray on any garden plants should not contain more than 2 oz. Orange Essential Oil to one gallon of water. This should be used carefully and sparingly on plants as over-use can burn the plants! Also, putting a drop or two of orange oil on cotton balls and placing them in a pantry or cupboard that insects frequent can help to keep the area insect-free.


Orange Essential Oil can be used in each load of laundry you do, giving it a wonderful, bright smell.  This will also allow you to cut back on your detergent as the solvent in orange oil goes to work as an effective cleaner.

Good Cheer:

Orange oil has anti-depressant properties that make it an excellent choice for diffusing into the home or spritzing into the air.  For a spritz, mix about 10 drops of Orange Essential Oil into a spray bottle with water. Because of its great blending capacity, a variety of “aroma recipes” can be tried for different seasons or moods.  Mix each blend for a diffuser or put into a spray bottle with water.

  • Holiday Spritz:  Blend Clove Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil and Orange Essential Oil
  • Iced Orange:  Blend Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Orange Essential Oil
  • Citrus Grove:  Blend Lemon Essential Oil and Orange Essential Oil

Experiment with other blends to find your favorites! Diffuser World is where we buy our diffusers. Out of their excellent selection, our favorite is the Aroma-Pro Essential Oil Diffuser.


Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, orange oil is an excellent choice for adding to a soothing soak in the bathtub. Add some Eucalyptus Bath Salts to complete the package!

Diffuser Worlds essential oil diffusers

Stomach Soothing:

Orange oil's anti-spasmodic properties aids in calming the stomach when things are turbulent. It allows bothersome gas to be released as the body relaxes and keeps more gas from forming. Orange oil also works as a great digestive aid.  Try sipping an “Orange Cream” by mixing some Orange Essential oil drops, and some vanilla extract in a glass of water.


The antiseptic properties in Orange Oil make it excellent for cuts and scrapes.  It works to keep things disinfected and also takes anti-microbial action, staying potentially harmful growth in cuts.

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Product Reviews

  1. Scentalicious!

    Posted by Jon on 30th Oct 2014

    We love the citrus essential oils and have many many uses for the orange - including homemade cleaning and body care products

  2. Just purchased

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2014

    I love the smell of this oil. I will diffuse it, clean with it and hopefully find many other uses. I was hoping to be able to add it to water, but read that yours are not for internal use.

  3. Orange Essential Oil

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2013

    I love the smell of this oil. It has so many uses. I use it for disinfecting.

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