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Lemon Essential Oil

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Product Description

1 fl. oz. of 100% Pure & Natural citrus limon Aromatherapeutic GC/IR Verified.

Lemons are a symbol of cleanliness and purity with documented use dating back to 800 BC. Lemon Oil has been used historically to help contain and treat infectious diseases, especially colds and fevers. Its scent also helps to increase concentration, and neutralizes unpleasant odors. Some hospitals use lemon oil to help calm frightened or depressed patients. Today, lemon oil extracts are used in many household and personal care applications for its refreshing scent.

We've become accustomed to the invigorating "zing" of lemon scent in many products such as dish soap, laundry detergent, and hand soap.  However, it’s not just the lively, fresh scent that makes lemon oil a popular ingredient in household cleaners.  Lemon Essential Oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic, helping to clean and wipe out germs in all the right places.

Cold-pressed from the fresh peels of lemons, lemon essential oil has been used for hundreds of years, and although it is most well known as a cleanser, it has an incredibly diverse variety of lesser known – but no less effective -- applications.

Lessons in Lemon

Lemon essential oil can be added to drinking water to help reduce acidity in the body. This can ease the symptoms of gout and rheumatism by helping to cleanse uric acid from the body (topical applications at the troubled areas are also useful). Add a bit of stevia (link this) to your water and lemon oil drink and you have a refreshing lemonade! This drink is also a fantastic digestive aid.

Diffused into the air, lemon essential oil has been shown to improve alertness, memory, and productivity and even decrease errors on test scores. It is also an amazing germ-killer, and in research it was seen to kill meningococcus bacteria, typhoid bacilli, staphylococcus aureus and germs causing pneumonia -- all in 3 hours or less. Diffuser World is where we buy our diffusers. Out of their excellent selection, our favorite is the Aroma-Pro Essential Oil Diffuser.

Whether diffused into the air or taken internally, lemon oil is well known to fight infection and stimulate white blood cell production. For coughs, colds, and throat or mouth infections, add a few drops to a glass of water and gargle. Apply topically to cold sores to help ease the pain and promote healing.

The aroma of lemon oil is a great aid in uplifting the spirits and easing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to a refreshing bath. Add 3-5 drops to a spray bottle with water and spritz each room in the house to get a vibrant, clean smell while disinfecting the air.

Gum stuck in your hair? Put a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil on the gum and work it in. The gum will begin to dissolve and can then be washed out of the hair. This also works for removing the gummy residue from some of those sticky price tags or labels on glass.

Lemon oil promotes circulation, and applied topically to cellulite or varicose veins, can effectively aid in their reduction. It is also helpful in reducing fevers -- try adding a few drops to a cold compress placed on the head or neck.

Add a few drops to your shampoo to clean greasy hair. Make use of the astringent and antiseptic properties in lemon oil by applying a drop to acne, greasy skin, and boils.

Lemon oil is excellent used in homemade cleaning recipes, dish soap, hand soap and laundry soap. Use 25-30 drops in the washing machine instead of bleach. To create your own lemony fresh "dryer sheet", put 3-5 drops on a small rag and throw it in with the load in the dryer.

Diffuser Worlds essential oil diffusersBecause essential oils dissolve petrochemicals (such as used in some pesticides and herbicides), lemon oil is excellent used in a fruit & veggie wash. Add about 5 drops of lemon oil added to a large bowl of water and rinse produce. To disinfect a wood cutting board, rub in a drop or two of lemon oil.

The uses for Lemon Essential Oil are numerous and its cheering aroma is one no home should be without!

Caution: Lemon Essential Oil is strongly phototoxic, increasing skin sensitivity to the sun.  It should not be used topically if going out into the sunshine less than twelve hours after application.

Beeyoutiful's Lemon Oil is 100% pure and natural and cold-pressed from citrus limon.

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Product Reviews

  1. Aromatic

    Posted by Jon on 30th Oct 2014

    Very good essential oils - we use the Lemon oil in many things, but specifically for homemade cleaning products and DIY body care products

  2. Beeyoutiful's Lemon Oil

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2013

    This is a great oil. I love the smell. I use it for cleaning in my bathrooms. I mix it with baking soda.

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