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How to Teach your Baby Math

  • A How To Guide
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Author: Glenn Doman and Janet Doman
ISBN: 0-7570-0184-X
Paperback: 242 pages
Publisher: Square One Publishers
Over 5 Million Copies in Print

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Glenn Doman has demonstrated for a half-century that very young children are far more capable of learning than we ever imagined. He has taken his remarkable work — work that explores why children from birth to age six learn better and faster than older children do — and given it practical application. As the found of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, he has created home programs that any parent can follow.

How to Teach Your Baby Math shows just how easy and pleasurable it is to teach a young child mathematics through the development of thinking and reasoning skills. It explains how to begin and expand the math program, how to make and organize necessary materials, and how to more fully develop your child's math potential.

By following the simple daily program in a relaxed and loving way, you will enable your child to experience the joy of learning — as have millions of children the world over. With How to Teach Your Baby Math, you can give your baby a powerful advantage that will last a lifetime.

Excerpts from Chapter 3: Tiny Children Want to Learn Math

While naturally, no child wants to learn math until he knows that math exists, all children want to absorb information about everything around them, and under the proper circumstances math is one of these things.

Here are the Cardinal Points concerning a tiny child's wanting to learn and his fantastic ability to learn:

1. The process of learning begins at birth or earlier.
2. All babies have a rage to learn.
3. Little kids would rather learn than eat.
4. Kids would much rather learn than play.
5. Tiny kids believe it is their job to grow up.
6. Little kids want to grow up right away.
7. All kids believe learning is a survival skill.
8. They are right in so believing.
9. Tiny children want to learn about everything and right now.
10. Math is one of the things worth learning about.

There has never been, in the history of man, an adult scientist who has been half as curious as is any child between the ages of four months and four years. We adults have mistaken this superb curiosity about everything as a lack of ability to concentrate.

Learning generally refers to the process that goes on in the one who is acquiring knowledge, while educating is often the learning process guided by a teacher or school. Although everyone really knows this, these two processes are frequently thought of as one and the same.

Because of this we sometimes feel that since formal education begins at six years of age, the more important processes of learning also being at six years of age.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that a child begins to learn at birth or earlier. By the time he is six years of age and begins his schooling he has already absorbed a fantastic amount of information, fact for fact, perhaps more than he will learn in the rest of his life.

The process of learning through these early years proceeds at a great speed unless we thwart it. If we appreciate and encourage it, the process will take place at a truly unbelievable rate.

A tiny child has, burning within him, a boundless desire to learn. We can kill this desire entirely only by destroying him completely.

We can diminish the child's desire to learn by limiting the experiences to which we expose him. Unhappily, we have done this almost universally by drastically underestimating what he can learn.

We can increase his learning markedly simply by removing many of the physical restrictions we have place upon him.

We can multiply by many times the knowledge he absorbs if we appreciate his superb capacity for learning and give him unlimited opportunity while simultaneously encouraging him to learn.

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