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Cassia Essential Oil

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Product Description

1 fl. oz of 100% Pure & Natural cinnamomum cassia Aromatherapeutic GC/IR Verified.

Cassia Oil (Chinese Cinnamon – cinnamomum cassia) is warm and spicy, and has a wonderful cinnamon aroma. It is one of my favorite essential oils just because of the smell! Diffuse it to make your house smell inviting, while you kill the bacteria and germs in the air! This 100% pure and natural oil is steam distilled from the fragrant leaves, twigs, and bark of the evergreen Cassia tree. It is known for its amazing antioxidant and free-radical killing properties and has been used for centuries medicinally and in culinary applications. Some have even used it for digestive complaints like diarrhea and/or nausea or other issues of the gut and stomach. Many of its medicinal properties are shared with its close relative Cinnamon, but Cassia is more pungent and has some unique benefits all to itself too.


This spicy oil is well known for its ability to promote circulation, which is helpful for those with cold hands and feet or circulation issues. You can also use it to relax tight muscles or ease joint pain and/or menstrual cramps. The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of Cassia have made it popular for fighting colds, infections, and fevers. Or if you’re struggling with Candida or other fungal conditions, Cassia has some great anti-fungal properties that may be just what you need to kick the fungus out of your life!


Did you know Cassia is added for flavor to cola drinks? That’s one of the most popular uses for this oil today. But, there are many other culinary uses such as adding it to sauces or liqueurs, or adding it to favorite dishes to spice them up. For instance, if you like Mexican Hot Chocolate, you can add one or two drops of Cassia in a mug of hot cocoa. A perfect kick start to the day, or to warm up on those cold evenings! If you like cinnamon toothpicks, you can make them at home using cassia.

Beauty Applications

Cassia makes a great addition to homemade hair and skin creations. Just keep in mind that in products that have contact with the skin, use Cassia in a very small amount. Otherwise, it will irritate or even burn the skin. However, Cassia added to creams in a very small amount has been shown to ease some of the symptoms of arthritis or rheumatism. It's popular in lips balms because of its ability to draw blood to the lips, giving the impression of "plumpness" that many admire.


Diffuser Worlds essential oil diffusers

Diffusing Cassia not only leaves your house smelling wonderful, but it has marvelous powers to reduce drowsiness and even the pain and frequency of headaches. The smell is energizing and brings blood to the brain to give you more alertness. Diffuser World is the best place to get a great diffuser that will not only last for years, but they are known to preserve the medicinal properties of your essential so you can get the maximum benefits! Take a look at our favorite - the Aroma Pro! Another way to enjoy this enlivening scent in the home is to make your own potpourri!

WARNING: Don't use if pregnant or nursing. Never use on skin or internally without *good* dilution.

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Product Reviews

  1. just received

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2014

    I just got this oil. I have to be honest, the smell is a little different, I was expecting a little more cinnamon smell. I will have to read up on what others use it for and experiment.

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