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Berry Well

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A Review for the supplement "Berrywell" From Beeyoutiful.

Product Description

This is an 8 oz. bottle of Elderberry extract with propolis, raw honey, and echinacea.

Never fear the flu when you keep Berry Well on hand. Each ingredient in this pleasantly fruity syrup holds its own against flu, colds, and a swarm of bacterial and viral infections. Berry Well is a practically miraculous combination of:

  • Luscious, purple elderberries (first used long ago by Native Americans) that provide anthocyanins. The anti-viral powers of these immune system enhancers attack many strains of influenza A and B—without the side effects or complications of a flu shot.
  • Raw honey sweetens the mixture with more than just good taste. It delivers a rich supply of live enzymes required to help body systems fight colds and respiratory infections of all kinds.
  • Bee propolis and Echinacea root extract—both considered powerful, natural antibiotics.
  • Raw apple cider vinegar, a folk remedy celebrated for its use against a long list of ailments, increases your body’s alkalinity. (Although today’s diets tend to make us more acidic, an alkaline body is safer from cancer and other diseases.) And the potassium in raw vinegar helps cells fight bacteria and viruses.

Take it regularly or when you first feel sick, and stay well with Berry Well. Your doctor will wonder if you’ve moved out of town!

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Product Reviews

  1. Good for allergies.

    Posted by Debbie on 2nd Nov 2013

    My 8 year old son has several food allergies. Most of the time it's not a problem because we are very strict with his diet. However, at this time of year there are so many other foods around and we visit family etc. so he ends up eating a lot of things that make him miserable. I gave him Berry Well last week right after it came in the mail. The next morning he asked to take it again, and has done so every morning. I asked him this morning why he wants it. He replied, "Simple, after about 30 minutes I can breathe again!"


  2. It works.

    Posted by Kristyn on 11th Oct 2013

    We really like the Berry well, both my husband and I and the children. I believe it has kept us through a major exposure to bad colds (from various family members who came for the holidays). This was wonderful since we have had enough fighting colds over the past year in spite of trying to eat a healthy diet!

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