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Berkey Base

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Product Description

The Berkey Base is currently available in 4 options: without lights, with white lights, or with cobalt blue lights. The base without lights is designed for situations where elevation of the filter is desired without the need for any extra lighting. The Cobalt blue lights are designed with beauty in mind and are used in situations where you may want to enhance the ambiance of the atmosphere. The white LED lights are designed for practical use in situations where emergency or auxiliary lighting may be required. They are bright enough to be useful as a reading-light, night-light, flashlight, or room-light. When the LED lights are used, the water droplets (as your bottom chamber fills) light up and glow and the resulting waves reflect soothing patterns of light onto the surrounding area. The lighting effects, together with the melody of raindrops, combine to create a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

Because of the flexibility of the Berkey Base with LED, it allows for use as a long-term source of lighting in environments where electrical power is unavailable. Where electricity is available, the AC adapter allows for continuous use. The bright LED lamps have an average life of 100,000 hours, which is more than 11 years of continuous use.

LED lights are unique because they require very small amounts of energy, which enables them to be illuminated all night long on a single charge of the internal rechargeable batteries. And, even with such little energy, they are very bright. In fact, in dark environments, the LEDs can be spotted for over one mile. The Berkey Base w/LEDs comes with an AC adapter allowing the base to be powered by a standard AC current. When the LEDs are switched off, the AC adapter automatically begins recharging the batteries. If you’re using the optional Berkey Battery Adapter™ case, the low energy LEDs will provide light (8 hours per night) for approximately two weeks on a single set of four AA alkaline batteries. How incredible to get two weeks of emergency light for the price of one small set of batteries! If needed, any of the following options can power your LEDs: the internal rechargeable batteries (included in LED base), the AC adapter (included in LED base).

The Berkey Base is made of durable Lexan and can be used for the Travel Berkey (Bases with LED Lights not recommended for Travel Berkey systems), Big Berkey and Berkey Light™ (comes with Berkey Light™ systems) gravity filtration systems. The base allows these systems to be situated anywhere on a flat surface and eliminates the requirement that the systems be placed on the edge of a table or counter.

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Product Reviews

  1. No more leaning cups

    Posted by Theresa on 7th Dec 2013

    Putting the base on our Berky Light made a big difference for us. With only one spot to put the system, on the counter over the dishwasher, it was tricky sometimes. Plus our grand daughter, who just came of size, enjoyed "making the water run". Though we taught her how and when to do it properly, she would still have to pull on the spout some which put stress on it. So the base has created a happy medium for us. The diswasher door no longer gets in the way and our grand daughter has time to grow and learn without breaking the spout.

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