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Beeyoutiful Balance

  • Natural Progesterone Cream
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Product Description

A truly Natural Progesterone cream is now available from Beeyoutiful!

Many of our customers have requested a safe and truly natural progesterone cream, and it’s finally here! Beeyoutiful Balance progesterone cream is 2 oz. and is specially formulated to help women’s bodies achieve hormonal balance. Progesterone deficiency is epidemic in America, with approximately 90% of women suffering from a host of related symptoms such as PMS, hot flashes, osteoporosis, infertility, early miscarriage, depression, menstrual irregularity, and breast cancer. When applied properly, Beeyoutiful Balance will give the body the physiologic amount of progesterone needed to help bring balance to the hormonal system.

Beeyoutiful Balance contains 1000mg. USP progesterone per 2 oz. container. It is rubbed into the skin, absorbs into the fat, and then into the bloodstream with almost complete absorption, as opposed to oral doses of progesterone which filter through the liver. Beeyoutiful Balance is made with luxurious skin-nourishing Jojoba oil, expeller pressed Avocado oil, and coconut oils, which restore damaged tissues and makes skin appear healthy and more youthful. It is lightly scented with refreshing sweet orange essential oil.

Beeyoutiful Balance bio-identical progesterone cream is an all-natural product. It contains no parabens, aluminum, artificial fragrances or colors, and no petroleum products. A 2 oz. container should last 1-2 months depending upon individual usage. Please use within 6 months of purchase. We recommend reading "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause", which is very informative on the subject of bio-identical hormones and their use - even for those not experiencing menopause.

Ingredients: coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil infused with organic wild yam root, organic comfrey root, and cayenne, 1000 mg. USP progesterone, sweet orange essential oil, rosemary essential oil, candelilla wax, beeswax.

Addition Usage Information Below: Important. Please take time to read before using this very effective and powerful product.

Application: When you first start using Beeyoutiful Balance bio-identical progesterone cream, it is a good idea to measure the amount you intend to use with a measuring spoon. This will help you to get a feel for how much you should be applying. Because progesterone only lasts in the body for six to eight hours, it’s important to divide your dose into two applications: 1/8 teaspoon in the morning, and 1/8 teaspoon just before bed. Massage the cream into the soft-skinned areas of your body like the inner arms, chest, throat, abdomen, inner thighs, and face. Always apply after bathing, not before, and don’t apply on top of other creams or fragrances. Alternate area of application. Progesterone absorbs rapidly through the skin, into the fat, and then into the bloodstream. Alternating application sites is suggested for maximum results, as progesterone can “saturate” the fat in one area, lessening its benefits.

Concentration: Based on Dr. John Lee’s recommendation that progesterone cream contain 900-1000mg, Beeyoutiful Balance bio-identical progesterone cream contains approximately 1000mg of USP progesterone per 2 oz. container. It is stronger than many creams on the market, so you might find that you don’t need as much as you did using another cream. Use common sense and follow Dr. Lee’s guidelines. Every woman must adjust the dose to meet her own personal needs. If you do the math, a 2 oz. container should last 1-2 months, depending of individual usage. Remember, if you don’t use it consistently, you won’t have relief of symptoms! On the other side of the coin, MORE IS NOT BETTER! Keep in mind that it can take up to three months for your body to reach normal physiologic levels of progesterone. The body normally produces between 15-30mg. of progesterone per day, so gauge your use in light of this.

  • 1/4 tsp. contains approximately 20 mg progesterone
  • 1/8 tsp. contains approximately 10 mg progesterone

Suggested use for Premenopausal women: According to Dr. Lee, most premenopausal women need only 15-20 mg of progesterone a day, which is about what the body would make if it was producing its own progesterone. Some women do better with 30 mg, and others are fine with about 10 mg. The object is to use the lowest possible dose and still have relief of symptoms. For severe PMS or premenopause symptoms, start using the cream on approximately day 12, counting the first day of your last menstrual period as day 1; and continue to use it until day 26 or 27. The decrease in progesterone levels will trigger menstruation within a day or two. For minor symptoms, use the cream fewer days. For cramping, apply cream directly to the abdomen three to four times in a day as needed.

Suggested use for Menopausal women: Menopausal women can use progesterone cream for approximately three weeks out of every month. The monthly 4-7 day break is important for the body to continue to absorb and gain the maximum benefits, so make a calendar and post it in your bathroom, marking the days of use and abstaining. The object is to fall in line with the body’s natural rhythm as closely as possible.

Side-effects of Natural Progesterone: Natural Progesterone has very rare side effects, unlike its synthetic version. According to Dr. John R. Lee, almost all side effects are caused by gross overdose or mixing other hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. Some women report that they experience estrogen dominance symptoms for up to two weeks after starting to use Natural Progesterone Cream, caused by a sensitization of estrogen receptors. Breast tenderness is common, but temporary. If too intense, lower your dose a little until your body adjusts. If a menstruating woman takes natural progesterone out of phase with her cycle, it could change the timing of her period or cause some spotting. All in all, it is extremely rare for a woman to experience genuine side-effects from properly using Natural Progesterone.

Important: Please note this product adjusts hormonal balances, although it can be used with great success to achieve and support a pregnancy we suggest you do so with the guidance of a health practitioner. Also, while nursing, please consult your health practitioner.

Suggested reading:

Dr. Lee's Hormone Balance made Simple by John R. Lee, M.D.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Premenopause by John R. Lee, M.D. and Jesse Hanley, M.D. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Menopause by John R. Lee, M.D. with Virginia Hopkins

The Estrogen Alternative: Natural Hormone Therapy with Botanical Progesterone by Raquel Martin with Judi Gerstung, D.C.

FDA Notice: The claims herein have not been evaluated by the FDA and are intended for educational use only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Product Reviews

  1. Too greasy

    Posted by Bella on 5th Apr 2014

    I just started to use this for a week now. However, when I applied it in the morning and put on my outfit, I noticed that my blouse was stained with grease from the coconut oil. I am sure it is superb like all the products I've used from MTA, but I hesitate to use it with my good clothes.

  2. I love this site

    Posted by dont click this on 7th Mar 2014

    This blog inspires me everyday, you should update it more often

  3. Tremendous

    Posted by Marilyn Eliazbeth on 20th Sep 2013

    Compared to other major brands of progesterone creams this is far superior, with the wonderful oils and tremendous formulation. The consistency is lovely and pampering.....makes all the difference. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

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